How to Make Your Penis Bigger

How to make your penis bigger? That is the question, which 99.99% of man wondering at least once in their life. Some of them research and find a way to make their penis bigger while the other just wonder about it and do nothing. The key in how success in anything is taking action, because you will accomplish nothing if you just sit there and do nothing.

So in order to improve the size of your penis, there are exist three basic ideas. The first one is penis exercises.  The second one is using pills. Finally, the third one is using penis extender. Those are the three basic ideas which is clinically proven that you can use to enlarge your penis.

Penis Exercises

With Penis exercise, you can increase an inch or two to your penis in around six weeks, but you need to keep on doing it every day. There are many penis exercises like penis stretch, Ulis… but the most famous one is jelqing. Jelqing is a technique, which involve getting your penis to half way erect and then apply lubrication on it. Then, you will grip it tightly at the base with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and slowly slide your hand up to the shaft toward the tips.

This exercise will help you pump as more blood into your penis. You should pump it as much as possible, and then after you reach the tip, immediately grip the base the same way using your other hand. This exercise need to be done nonstop for ten minutes. However, these penis exercises will not provide permanent result in making your penis bigger, which mean after you stop doing it your penis will get back to its normal size.


Tool like penis pump and penis extender is a tool or device, which will help you to stretch your penis when you wear it every day like SizeGenetics. This tool is developed with the ideas of muscle training. Think about your penis as pure muscle, which mean it can get bigger just like your muscle with the right way. This device will help you to stretch and putting stress on your penis similar to the ideas of your biceps exercises.

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This one is better than the penis exercise because it will constantly apply tension to your penis and help you to boost up the growing rate of your penis to the fastest level. This device is said to be able to help you grow your penis size and girth up to 3 inches and this is a permanent result. The only problem is that you need to wear it around 8 hours per day. On the other hands, penis pump is not recommended because it may injure your penis and guarantee no permanent result.

Now you understand well about how to increase your penis size. It is critical that you should only choose one of these three ideas about making your penis bigger. A combination of the 3 is not recommended because it will hurt your penis with over dose blood pump. You should either chose exercise, pills or tools for helping you to make your penis bigger, take a wise choice.


This one contain all the things like pills, patches, creams and lotions. While patches, creams and lotions can help your blood flow into the corpora cavernosa and makes your erections larger and harder, but it is only a temporary result for making your penis bigger. Pills can help to stimulate the cells growth and division the corpora cavernosa and help you to increase your penis size permanently.

However, if you are think about pills is Viagra then you are wrong because Viagra can only help you during a temporary increasing of penile strength muscle and erections, but after the give amount of time it will fade away. Pills can make your penis bigger permanently but you need to pick the right product like MaleExtra.

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