How to Grow Your Penis

Men always consider the size of their penis is one of the thing they are proud of. The men with a bigger penis always have more confident in talking to other people especially their opposite sex friends. The most thing men usually wonder is that in women mind “does size really matter?” Isn’t it obvious that of course it does. Study show us that there are around 55% of men around the world don’t satisfy with their size. We all believe that the guys with bigger size penis would satisfied women more in sexual desire.

There are many researches prove that over 85% of women told their lover that size does not matter is a BIG lie. To women size does matter because bigger size would give them a higher chance to reach climax. There is no way anyone can pull a satisfaction performance with a little size penis.

Also did you know:

  • 70% of breakups was reported that sexual problems were a major contributory factor
  • 75% of women say they would love see their partner’s penis become larger! Size does matter!
  • Most men cannot have full sex for more than 3 minutes without ejaculating, that is surely not enough to satisfy a woman
  • Almost half of women fake their orgasms most of the time. Are you truly making your partner happy?
  • More than 50% of men suffer from impotence at some time in their lives
  • Curvature of the penis and micro penis syndrome can be solved
  • Erection also affect the result of a sexual intercourse

Penis enlargement is not old news any more. There were many researches about increasing penis size, which started many centuries ago. It is an obvious fact that the penis is always a men’s pride. When women talk about man, it usually involves this part as well. It is obvious to see that your penis size is your pride size. Therefore, if you are a man at least once in your lifetime you will wonder about how to make your penis bigger.

In this 21st century, in order to satisfy the need of how to increase penis size question, there are many products in the market for this issue. Most people prefer to enlarge their penis naturally. This involves the ideas of eating certain of food, penis exercise and using tool such as pump and extender. Some people just want to enlarge their penis so they even try the unnatural ideas such as using pills or surgery. These two ideas are the only answer for how to grow your penis these days. Let us take a deeper look into these two issues.

How to Grow Your Penis Naturally

Penis Exercise

Exercise is the best way to grow muscle naturally and since penis are mostly muscle and blood vessels the first ideas to think about growing your penis naturally would involves exercising. There were many type of penis exercising since ancient time. Out of those is Jelq exercise, which is said to be most famous. However, penis exercise is not permanent. In order to keep your penis get stronger and bigger, your need to do this exercises frequently (almost like every day).

Penis Extender

First, let us look at the penis pump. Penis pump does grow your penis, however it does not increase your erection strength and it is only temporary. There are many study prove that penis pump is bad for your health because it will harm your blood vessels as it keep on changing your blood vessels size.

Then, let us look at the penis extender. The way the penis extender work is base on Karen (Giraffe people) people’s way to make their neck look longer. If you read the scientific article about the Karen, we know that the ring on their neck does not make your neck longer but push their shoulder down. However, the story of the Long Ear tribe in Mae Hong Son in Thailand succeeds in increase their ears size by the ear extenders. This proves that extender does not work for bone structure but others. The ideas of penis extender are use a device, which you will wear on your penis as these people wear on their ears in order to make your penis bigger. In addition, SizeGenetics is one of the best and most guarantee products about penis extender.

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How to Grow Your Penis Unnaturally


There is never any good recommendation and reviews on doing surgery on anything unless your health condition needs it. Surgery can be performed for both internal and external. However, these two ideas are dangerous and have side effect on your body badly. You will feel pain around your penile for a long time after the surgery and if it is highly that, your penis may be infected and you will more likely to have diabetes, spinal cord…

Penis Pills

The most famous pills that every think will help them to grow their penis are Viagra. However, this is not true. Viagra only increases your penis and erectile strength and size temporary and may cause addiction. This growing depends on your dosage. We all know that when it come to timing, pills the fastest way to grow your penis. If you consider using pill to grow your penis, then it is better that you pick a brand that focus on growing your penis permanently not like Viagra. There are many brands on the market right now but one of the best and guaranteed which is recommended with many good feedbacks from the customer is MaleExtra. The best natural ingredient pills with 6 months money back guarantee.

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